3 Best Face Oils for Every Skin Type

I’ve always been a “beauty product junkie”. Always looking for the newest and best, especially when it comes to skincare. A few months ago, I decided that natural face oils were doing a better job on my skin than any $100 anti aging cream ever did! After all, there is science behind using nature in skin care.  And, I feel better about not having all those chemicals on my skin. And of course, natural face oils that I use are always going to be cruelty free. So check out our take on the best face oils for every skin type, and see if you don’t toss that eye cream too!



Best Face Oils


3 Best Face Oils for Every Skin Type


     Coconut Oil for the Skin

Coconut oil is all the hype in the beauty world, and I was a little slow jumping on the train. After all , it all sounds good, but it seemed a little difficult to use in it’s solid form. Until I discovered fractionated coconut oil. This has the same benefits, but it remains in a liquid form. This makes it easy to use for everything from a makeup remover to a body lotion to eye oil. And I love the way coconut oil soaks into your skin and doesn’t stay greasy feeling. I especially love that I can use it as a carrier oil and mix it with essential oils to create my own safe, custom skin care products for my skin. Coconut oil for the skin replaces the skin barriers, is naturally anti inflammatory, and locks out pollution and chemicals.  By the way, I have oily skin, and it works great for me. Be aware, if you do have oily skin, don’t overdo it on any oil. But taking good care of your skins natural ceramide levels can also help to regulate your oil glands. Additionally, I use coconut oil to deep condition my hair as well. You can also use it as a safe lubricant, or to soothe vaginal irritation. So, pretty much for everything. 😉


     Squalane Oil for the Face

Squalane oil is newer to the skin oil line up, but it is proving it to be one of the best face oils you can buy. I was introduced to it when I tried a new line of skin care called “The Ordinary“. If you haven’t tried it, they believe in quality skin care ingredients at prices that are more reasonable for us regular folk. Squalane is non comodegenic, meaning it will not break you out. But it is also amazing for dry skin. Amazing. It is tops in hydration and it is plant derived. Love this skin oil for my face! I also use this with retinoids and it seems to soothe any irritation they cause.


     Rosehip Oil for the Skin

My new anti aging skin oil for the face! In my bathroom, this is the best face oil I have found. Full of natural fatty acids and vitamin a and c, it’s a natural antioxidant for your skin.  Rosehip oil on your face also brightens and helps fade spots. According to the Dutchess of Cambridge, and one very gorgeous Victoria Secret model, (and us!) this is the stuff. I mix it with fractionated coconut oil to use as a body and neck oil as well. Again, another face oil that won’t break you out. I can use this on my face under my makeup and have never had even a shiny day while wearing it.


Bonus: Essential Oils for the Face

Essential oils are oils that are extracted from plants, but meant to retain their essence and fragrance. They can be very healing for various skin issues, but need to be used intelligently. Here are our picks for best essential oils for the skin, and how to use them on your face safely and effectively.


     Lavender Oil

All essential oils should be diluted in a carrier oil before use, as they are concentrated and can burn if used full strength. I love to use three drops of lavender oil mixed with a good pump of fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil as a night time moisturizer. They have released a recent study showing that the scent of lavender actually may be as anxiety relieving as valium! Personally, I prefer the lavender. Lavender also has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties and can be used on sensitive skin. You can add a drop of lavender oil to your regular nighttime moisturizer if you prefer.


     Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has gotten a lot of attention for what it can do for acne on the face. While it’s true that it’s a strong anti bacterial and anti fungal, keep in mind it can be irritating too. If you want to try tea tree oil for acne, make sure you mix a drop of it into a water based face serum. You can try dabbing it directly on a breakout if you don’t have sensitive skin. Just remember, as powerful an essential oil as it is, it’s also powerfully smelly. Seriously, it reeks. But it also is amazing on rashes and sunburns if properly diluted. I’ve even used it on small cuts on my fingers and had the skin heal together much faster than without the tea tree oil. Also, great for adding to your shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp.


     Neroli Oil

The last one we are including is neroli oil. This essential oil for the face is perfect for aging and sensitive skin. There is some convincing evidence it can tone and tighten skin as well.

We hope you got excited about the idea of using natural oils on your skin! We believe these are the best face oils for every skin type, and we have used them all! (Yes, Steve too! Men, take care of your skin!) Now jump on over to our post on 5 Steps to a Relaxing Bath!

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