$5 Shoe Rack – Priceless Organization in the Kitchen

There never seems to be enough room in the kitchen and don’t we all have at least one junk drawer in the house? If you suffer from, “Don’t know what to do with the grocery bags” syndrome, the perfect solution is about to present itself. Next time you are hitting up the local discount retail store, check out the home organization aisle and look at the over-the-door shoe racks. You will find shoe racks ranging from $5 to $20 and varying in design. You may even find one that fits your decor. The most important aspect of your shoe rack is going to be the kind that hook over your door. Once you have selected your over-the-door shoe rack, you are ready to start cleaning out your junk drawers!



Forget about shoes for the moment and let’s see how many other uses we can find for your average over-the-door shoe rack for your kitchen. The only kicker for the system is you must have access to a door; garage door, panty door, kitchen door, something that has a door. If you do have access to one, you are good to go!


Editor’s Note: Dollar Store!

Top 20 Shoe Rack Organizational Solutions for the Kitchen

1. Plastic grocery bags

2. Twist ties

3. Misc. screws and nails

4. Measuring spoons

5. Plastic spoons, forks, knives

6. Napkins

7. Recipes

8. Quick snacks for the kids

9. Band Aids

10. Random photos

11. Pens and pencils

12. Spices

13. Screwdrivers

14. Receipts

15. Aspirin and other medicine

16. Mail

17. Stamps

18. Bills

19. Extra envelopes

20. Holiday cards

Of course, I am sure that you could quickly clean out your junk drawer and find all sorts of places for the items in your “shoe rack” so don’t limit yourself to the things listed above. There is so much you can do with your new organizational solution you only have to organize it!

Happy Organizing!

Article by Suzanne Babb – McLoone.

Image Credits: snappykitchens


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