DIY Christmas Ornaments

The most iconic Christmas decoration is definitely the Christmas ornament. You can hang them on the tree, pile them in a bowl, wire them to wreaths or let them jingle from door knobs! And they are the best when they are homemade…It’s time to make DIY Christmas ornaments! Check out all these easy tutorials for personal ornaments you can make yourself. You will use these for generations!



Loving on these elegant DIY Christmas ornaments from ‘Designing Vibes‘. This marbled look can be made to look more sophisticated, like these, or more fun by using more than one color. You won’t believe the secret “ingredient” here! Easy homemade ornament project.


Our next project are these amazing DIY bell jar ornaments by ‘My SO Called Crafty Life‘… make sure you read the comments, lots of tips and ideas there, too.

DIY Christmas Ornaments!


From ‘Easy, Peasy and Fun‘, make some of these homemade Christmas ornaments in a sand! These are great DIY projects for kids and parents to make together. You could let them choose their fav colors, or have the yarn all precut and have them make new creations. These make you feel like you are in a snow cabin for the holidays!


We ALWAYS love Kim at ‘Sand and Sisal‘! Her coastal style is charming and comforting, without being too “cute”… So when I saw these sea glass handmade ornaments and her tutorial for them, I couldn’t believe how easy they were! Be sure to check out her Christmas whole home tour while you’re there… such great inspiration!



These photo DIY Christmas ornaments by ‘Dear Chrissy‘ makes a really special element in your tree… You could do them all  in B&W for a vintage look, or include all summer vaca photos… choose a theme, even if it’s as simple as all the kid’s when they were preschoolers, or wedding photos… choose what speaks to you. Or forget everything I just said, and make them with whatever photos you want… it is your tree, after all. Make it yours!



Ok, does this get any easier? Glass ball, metallic paint pen. From ‘Ben Franklin Crafts‘.



The kids will love this, and they make great gifts… but I love these too! Seeing these on the tree would just make me smile and think about comfort and family and home… Make these hot cocoa DIY ornaments from ‘Bubbly Nature‘.



From Heidi at ‘Happiness is Homemade‘, these personalized glitter DIY ornaments look like they are store bought! Now she used a vinyl cutting machine to make the names, but check out the scrapbooking aisle at a craft store… you could do the same with vinyl letters.



Amy at ‘This Heart is Mine‘ teaches us how to make these felt tree DIY Christmas ornaments. I love these because they have a really organic texture and shape. Pretty!



LOVE these decoupaged glass DIY ornaments by Ki Naussauer Style. They used vintage German papers from one of their fav shops… Easy, pretty, vintage ornaments!



Make these easy mercury glass DIY Christmas ornaments with this tutorial from ‘Two Sisters Crafting‘. This project just takes some easy supplies and a little holiday know how! These would look elegant on any Christmas tree!

DIY Christmas Ornaments - mercury glass look


Last one! These snow globe DIY Christmas ornaments by ‘DIY Inspired‘ are, well… inspiring! Easy!

DIY Christmas Ornaments!

That was a lot of choices in DIY Christmas ornaments! Kids love to make things that will hang on the tree for everyone to see, so let them join in!


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DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Image Credits: Designing Vibes, My So Called Crafty Life, Easy Peasy and Fun, Sand and Sisal, Dear Chrissy, Ben Franklin Crafts, Bubbly Nature, Happiness is Homemade, This Heart is Mine, Ki Naussauer Style, Two Sisters Crafting, DIY Inspired




  1. Robin Cramer
    November 30, 2016 / 6:20 am

    Thank you. A lot of great ideas to make for Christmas and a lot of great memories making them. Great crafts for homeschooling. Thank you again!!!

  2. Lauren
    December 2, 2015 / 5:59 am

    I absolutely love all of the ornament ideas. Especially the one with a picture inside and the newspaper ones. Very good ideas.
    Thank y’all for sharing.

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