Adding Storage In Small Spaces

One of the biggest complaints for people that live in small houses or apartments is that there is never enough room for storage. Unless you want to go and rent a storage area, you are basically left on your own to be creative and come up with ideas on how to make shelving; cupboards and other furniture double up as additional storage space.

Since this is really a fairly common problem for most households, there are an amazing number of products and items on the market that quickly and simply double or even triple your storage space just by a bit of creativity. When looking for storage space, think of both practicality and dual usage, since you don’t want storage space that takes away from your living space or vice versa.

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Closet organizers 

There are endless types of closet organizers on the market that are available either as build it yourself interchangeable sets or as a single item that will really increase your storage space. A great option is a shoe caddy that will mount on the back of your closet door or on the side wall, leaving you more space on the floor area for storage boxes. Hanging shelves that can store seasonal clothes are also a great idea. Consider also adding shelves on the bottom 1/3 of the closet, at least on half of the space. Hang all your shirts, jackets and shorter items over these shelves and hang the longer dresses, trousers and other items on the other half of the space.


Storage in the kitchen and bathroom 

For kitchen and bathroom storage, consider eliminating all cleaning products that aren’t absolutely necessary and can be used in both places. Keep these products in one area of the other, don’t double up. In the bathroom start storing towels and other bathroom and toiletry supplies on open shelves or in an above the toilet storage rack. Get in the habit of rolling your towels to add a decorative flair and to allow you to easily stack them on open displays. Use smaller shelving organizer units in the linen closet. In the kitchen consider storing flour, sugar, coffee, tea and spices in decorative canisters or in sealed glass decorative jars on the counter. Beans, rice and pasta can also be stored this way. Look for functional furniture such as corner tables with storage space or adding a lazy Susan to your corner cupboard to add valuable storage space in either room.

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Creative shelving for the living spaces 

It is fairly easy to make your own shelving using flat planking and glass blocks often used in creating room dividing walls. Make the shelves different heights and mix items you want to store with knickknacks and plants to provide a dual function to the shelf. Remember these can also be used to divide a room, giving you both storage and a separate living area. Shelving of this type can also be used for holding larger items but it is important not to place too much weight on the shelf.

Storage places such as coffee and end tables should also not be overlooked. Select tables that have a lift top or doors that open the side rather than a table style coffee table. Adding just a few of these items, even in a small space, will really increase your storage potential.

Article by Jessica Marley.

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