DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

Let’s face it, ladies love their makeup! Nothing clutters up a bathroom faster, however. We all need some creative makeup storage ideas, because no matter how big or small your bathroom is, no one wants it strewn everywhere! So put away the pocketbook, and use your space more wisely with these DIY makeup storage ideas!

Our first project is from My Beauty Now, and they have this easy and quick storage solution for brushes!




Laura Thoughts has this great tutorial for her magnetic makeup board, and I love this! She used sheet metal covered with fabric, and then small magnets glued to the makeup cases themselves… Brilliant!

Makeup storage


This  hanging makeup storage project by Two in Diapers is unbelievably cute!






Our next project is from Liz Marie Blog. She created this Mason Jar Makeup Organizer, and her tutorial really is easy to follow.

makeup storage organization


So these Stick on Pods are a great idea, but why couldn’t you make this a DIY project with double sided tape and dollar store office storage?



Ms. Tapioca created the piece de’ resistance in DIY makeup storage… a makeup storage vanity from Ikea parts! Check out her site to see how she did it… I’m a little worried my fourteen year old daughter might catch wind of this project!



Jewelry need a little storage help while we’re at it? Here are a couple good ideas for DIY jewelry storage inspiration.

Tater Tots and Jello used a flatware drawer organizer and chalkboard paint, with hooks. (Oh, and she prettied it up!)



Finally, take some inspiration from Etsy seller HedCraft and make a picture frame jewelry organizer!


Image Credits: Liz Marie Blog, My Beauty Now, Laura Thoughts, Two In Diapers, Stick on Pods, Ms. Tapioca, Tater Tots and Jello, Hedcraft


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  1. Alexandria
    April 19, 2015 / 10:00 pm

    Um…I love ALL these!! What awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing all these, the whole site is great. Working on an affordable way to turn my bedroom into a super functional and cute space and I’m getting lots of great ideas! 🙂

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