DIY Wine Racks

I love wine.  As a mother of teenagers, I really enjoy a glass of good red wine. (How many of you are nodding your head?)  I finally am gathering enough good bottles (holiday gifts!) to warrant a wine rack! These DIY wine rack projects and tutorials will not only do the job of providing you a place to store your wine, they are a home decorating accent as well. Choose one that compliments your home and your style, or make one as a gift for yet another parent of teenagers. (or toddlers, or just someone who is supportive of a parent of teenagers or toddlers… you get the drift!) Yes, we will appreciate it!



In our first project (below), find this step by step tutorial from Camille Styles on how to make this wood plank wine rack.



Really easy! This wine rack from CB2 would be easy to re-create. You can find various types of metal pipe and tubing at the home improvement store, and instead of welding, you can attach the tubes together using a strong epoxy style glue, such as E-6000.



Rachael Ray Mag designed this wine rack from metal pipe and simple pipe flanges. Then they just attached them to the wall.



Laura Parke has a great tutorial on how to make an A-frame wine rack with birch plywood and some hinges… Anyone could do this!



Plow and Hearth has this great inspiration for a ladder wine rack! Just attach straps to the side of the ladder for each bottles as shown in the photo.



Finally, I love this Mod wine rack by 40 Year Old Intern that doubles as a table! Made from drainage pipe, this is a creative touch that has real style.


Image Credits: Plow and Hearth, Camille Styles, CB2, Rachael Ray, Laura Parke, 40 Year Old Intern

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