Finding Storage Space

Many of us are very concerned right now about putting up food and other items we might need in case of an emergency. Finding adequate storage in our homes can be a challenge.

Most homes have storage space that is not being used, either up high or down low. One of the keys to utilizing storage space is to put items you use on a regular basis in easily accessible areas, and putting other items in the harder to reach areas.



Here are some tips for making the most of the storage space in your home:

– Place big plastic drawers or boxes in cupboards that are hard to reach. When you need an item, you can just pull out the whole unit, and nothing gets lost where you can’t reach it. If the cupboard is up high, be sure the items are light enough that you don’t hurt yourself pulling them out or if they fall down.

– Remove decorative panels on top of kitchen cupboards so that you can take advantage of the space on top. However, be sure the area is clear and without vents.

– Add shelves around the tops of rooms. This is great for kids rooms. They can display dolls and toys that they want to keep, but no longer want to play with.

-Utilize the space under your beds. Many people feel uncomfortable with low storage- thinking the lower you go, the less sanitary the storage. If you feel that way, you can always buy storage containers made specifically to fit under the bed that seal up tightly.

finding storage space

– Make mini open shelving between the studs in the walls of your home. If you have an empty wall in your kitchen, this is great for storing spices and other narrow items. If you don’t want open shelving, you can add doors.

Your interior walls are usually framed with 2×4 pieces of lumber. If you remove the wallboard (be sure it isn’t plaster), you have all the space until you hit the back of the wallboard of the room on the other side.

Again, before you attempt this project, make sure that the space behind the wallboard is free of wires or vents.

– Be creative. Blankets can be stored in pillow shams or pillow cases. Trunks and suitcases can be used as tables. Fabric skirts around tables and sinks are another area to place items. Decorate cardboard boxes for display, and use them to store small items.

-Use your garage and attic. Keep your items in boxes and number them. Generate a list on your computer of what you have stored in each box.

-Finally, take a good look in your closets. Most closets have a lot of wasted space. Think about buying or making a closet system to take advantage of every square inch of your closet.

You have more storage space in your home than you think. Take a closer look and you will find it.

Article by Nikki Willhite, mother of three, and an Interior Design Graduate, is the editor of The Pennypincher Ezine and Tightwad Tidbits Daily. Visit her at – more than just money!

Image Credits: designarthouse, axsoris


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