Home Organization Tips for Procrastinators

Even procrastinators can accomplish home organization tasks using a few simple home organization tips and tricks. If you tend to procrastinate when it comes to home organizing, you could be procrastinating for many reasons such as:

Lack of time – You don’t feel you have a day or a week to devote to organizing anything right now so you put off home organization—just until you have time to do it right.

Boredom – Home organizing seems like a boring way to spend your time. And doing boring tasks makes you want to take a nap, not do more of them.



Lack of motivation – You know that you would be able to find your stuff better if you were organized but that thought still doesn’t excite you enough into taking action.

Overwhelming – Your home is such a mess. You’d rather just close your eyes and shut it all out.

Those are just a few reasons why people might procrastinate when it comes to home organization. But you can conquer procrastination that prevents you from organizing your home. Here are a few tips and tricks for home organization procrastinators who just can’t seem to start organizing:


Choose home organization tasks that you can complete in short time spans.

If you choose to organize your entire bedroom, you’ll probably get tired or distracted midway through doing this. Then you’ll end up with a bigger mess left undone. The same goes for if you choose to organize your bedroom closet. Think smaller. Organize your shoes. Or organize your belts.

MAKE IT FUN. Play some favorite cheerful tunes while you work. Music can be very inspirational and give you a beat to work to. And you can listen to it in the background while you work. Warning: Keep the TV off. Television will distract you from organizing, not make it more fun. A good television show plot will quickly draw you in (as it is intended to do).

REWARD YOURSELF. Pay yourself for completing home organization tasks. Get a shoe box or a large coffee can. Cut a slit in the top just large enough to fit money through. Then put a dollar bill in it every time you finish a home organizing task. Dream about what you’ll do with your “earned” savings and then do it when you have earned enough from completing your home organizing tasks. Repeat this process as needed or desired.

USE A TIMER. Set a kitchen cooking timer for each task. Use time spans like 15 minutes or 30 minutes. You can use this for almost any task such as picking up trash around the house, sorting or folding laundry, organizing photos, organizing and tearing out pages to keep from magazines, or making decisions about a pile of clothes that needs to be divided into a keep, donate or trash pile. When the bell rings, stop. Using the timer will help you get into the habit of focusing on your organizational task and getting it done.

When home organization becomes routine in some cases, you’ll forget all about procrastinating and just do it. And you might even come to enjoy some home organization tasks when you use these tips.

Article by Karen Fritscher-Porter. Karen writes about home organizing at http://www.EasyHomeOrganizing.com where you can read hundreds of free home organization tips, shop for home organizing products and subscribe to a free home organization newsletter.


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