How to Arrange a Coffee Table – 4 Steps

One of the most often asked questions of designers is “how do I arrange my decor?” When is comes to your coffee table, creating a pleasing arrangement seems like an important task…after all, it is the most on display piece of furniture in the room. ┬áHere is a foolproof formula to arranging a coffee table, and inspiring photos to help you get it right.

Arranging coffee table



Our featured photo, above, is from The Every Girl.

1. Use something square. This grounds your arrangement. I love to use a small stack of books. Use an odd number, and try to choose books with attractive jackets, or cover them with brown paper for an organic feel.



2. Use something tall(ish). Give your arrangement some height, but not so much height that it’s difficult seeing across the room, or that it looks out of scale with the size of the table. Candlesticks? A pretty vase?



3. Use something alive, or from nature. Nothing is more interesting close up than items from nature. Use fresh flowers, a potted fern, or a pretty shell from last summer’s trip to the beach.



4. Use something with a different shape. Something round, or irregular in shape grabs the attention. Moss spheres, a collectible; something with personality. The Every Girl styled a coffee table with perfect use of this element! I love how she used so much color, but stays within the rooms’ color scheme.



That’s it, four steps! Here are two final hints… You don’t necessarily have to have four things on the table…remember, something could be both tall and alive, or both square and tall! Lastly for a coffee table, one, three or four items, or groups of items looks best. Feel free to use trays to organize your choices on the table. ┬áMore inspiration…






Image Credits: Studio ten 25, The Every Girl, Social Bliss, Southern Living, Fab Guide, Phoebe Howard, BHG, Jalon Burton, BHG


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  1. January 27, 2015 / 11:28 am

    I really love the look of these arrangements on the coffee tables – BUT where am I going to put the tea tray??

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