How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Decorating a small bedroom can be a challenge, since most of us spend a good deal of time in this space. You want a comforting space to unwind in, yet you don’t want your bedroom to feel cramped or cluttered. Here are some easy decorating ideas for turning your small bedroom decorating into an easy, breezy makeover!

how to decorate a small bedroom




  • Use the smallest sized bed in the room that you can be comfortable in. If you have a small bedroom, chances are you are going to want to give away that California King! Even if you can get it to fit, it will overwhelm the room, and make you feel like getting across the room is a task left to the Iron Man Competition.
  • Keep other furniture to a minimum as well. You may be able to eliminate the need for a dresser if you have plenty of closet space for a closet organizer. Hang most clothes, keep sweaters and folded items in hanging cubes, and use the drawers of your side table for your delicates. Under bed storage is a lifesaver when decorating a small bedroom!

how to decorate a small bedroom

  • Decide whether you want to try to create an open, airy space, or you want to work with the dimensions of the room and create a tiny, cozy jewel box that wraps you in comfort. Neither choice is right or wrong, just what you choose! For an airy room, choose a color scheme that is simple and light. Try pairing white with one other color, such as periwinkle blue or fresh spring green. Cool colors will expand the space. For a cozy room, use rich, exotic colors with a neutral to ground the room. Paint the ceiling as well to continue the feel of either cozy, or open and airy.
  • Use white or your neutral for the bed covering. Since the bed is the main focal point of the room, keeping it simple to the eye will make the room appear less cluttered.

How to decorate a small bedroom

Speaking of clutter…have none! Easier said than done, but try plastic containers that can be slid under the bed, or hang shirred fabric over bookshelves to simplify the look.

  • Hang curtains or blinds so when they are open they clear the window totally. Even covering the window an inch or two on each side causes a lot of light to be lost, and makes the room seem smaller and dreary. Also, hang curtain rods near the ceiling, and have the curtains reach the floor. This brings the eye up, and adds height and drama to a small room.

Be willing to cut the clutter, and try new ideas and you can decorate your small bedroom! Open and airy or wrapped in comfort, whatever way you like to wake up in the morning is yours!

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