Love Your Small Kitchen (For Less Than $10!)

Those of us with small kitchens AND small budgets know it can be tough to decorate. These small kitchen decorating ideas for less than $10 (many are free!) will have you on your way to a stylish space in no time. You may even start to like cooking!

small kitchen ideas



  • Display your utensils in a creative way…try using an antique bucket, pretty pitcher or even a basket.

small kitchen ideas

  • Hang your favorite stir fry wok on the wall near the stove. It gives your kitchen an industrial loft feel while saving you precious shelf space to store it! Or you can create a cool pot rack from upcycled finds!
  • Keep everything off the fridge..if you must hang something, frame it in a magnetic frame and limit the amount.

small kitchen decorating

  • Wash the kitchen rug every couple of weeks to keep it fresh looking and plush while you cook.
  • Organize and keep it CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. Even a couple dishes on the counter clutter up a small kitchen, making it less inviting.
  • Decide if you want your kitchen to be snug and warm, or have an open and airy feel. If you love snug and warm, layer colorful towels on the oven handle, light a few unscented candles when cooking (so the scents don’t clash), and maybe a small desk lamp on the counter near the cook books.
  • For an open and airy kitchen, minimize everything possible. Keep canisters of ingredients to a minimum on the counter, keep the mail in a mail sorter, and try to keep appliances you don’t use daily off the counters. (ie. blender, toaster, slow cooker, etc). Think white and light!

small kitchen decorating ideas

  • ¬†Add fresh flowers in a pretty container on the table. Fresh cut flowers make every room look so much more inviting!Even roadside daisies do the trick.
  • Update cabinet pulls. This is usually pretty cheap, and you can be very creative with the look you want. Hobby Lobby has a great selection of sleek to unique handles, and if you watch for a sale with the 40% off coupons, you can update with a very small chunk of cash!

small kitchen decorating

  • Keep the windows clean. Its amazing how much a little dirt on the inside (and outside) of a window can easily block out light, and make the whole room look dingy.
  • Match your towels, wash rags and oven mitts. This doesnt mean they all have to be exactly alike, but it helps the room look pulled together if these items are of the same color group, or of similar pattern.

Easy ideas for small kitchen decorating for less than $10! Headed to the discount store yet?

Article by Bree Young.

Image Credits: housebeautiful, homedesigngalleries, cally-cruze, vintageglamorous, bhg



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  1. Dannette Coffey
    March 19, 2014 / 3:37 pm

    I am a renter and I love our little house (emphasis on little). The kitchen is 1950’s, white(after a repaint) with the curved cabinets and the bakerlite handles with chrome surrounds. My issue is, storage is at a minimum. My pantry items are in what should be the crockery cabinet and my plates, cups etc are on a small shelf above the stove. Not ideal. I just don’t know what else to do. It always seems cluttered and it drives me crazy.

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