Small but Functional DIY Mud Room Ideas

If you have a family, chances are you deal with the problem of “stuff” that comes into the house every day. Books, shoes, backpacks, keys, mail… So much stuff! And the dirt? Please. Even if your home is small, there is a solution to keep you organized and the house clutter free. These small but functional DIY mud room ideas help these families stay on track with their “stuff”, which in turn helps us stay on track with everything else! After all, nothing makes you late faster than a missing boot or a lost school book. So give one of these small mudroom ideas a try, or combine ideas from different projects here to make your own unique organized space!




Scattershot‘ has a tutorial for their DIY chalkboard backpack wall that is easy to follow with step by step pics. Ok, I love chalkboard paint, and ain’t nobody gonna tell me that it’s overdone and “everywhere”. When something works, it works! How many cute notes might be left on that wall?

DIY mud room 14


So this vintage crate boot rack is one of my fav DIY mudroom ideas of this post. First, it’s easy. Second, it is FULL of charm! Love! Thanks to ‘Finding Home Farms‘ for such a great tutorial on how to attach the crates together. And wheels? Um, yep.

DIY mud rooms 18


This DIY board and batten project from ‘Home Depot‘ shows us how to turn a small entry into a simple DIY mud room. Full tutorial, and this looks great, like it was designed with the house!

DIY mud rooms 10


Our next project is from Monica at ‘East Coast Creative‘. These DIY mud room lockers she made herself, with great free plans. (She even gives you the link, yay!) She didn’t have room indoors, so she carved out this space in the garage… Hey, that’s where mud belongs, right?

Small and Functional DIY Mud Rooms


From Heidi at ‘Honeybear Lane‘, this DIY mudroom bench tutorial just blows me away… Why, you say? ‘Cause it looks like a custom built-in, which, it is! Just built in by creative DIY’ers, like yourself. 😉  Definitely give this one a try… Can you imagine how much a piece like this would cost at, say, Pottery Barn?



Julie from ‘Julie Blanner‘ turned an old coat closet into a DIY converted closet mudroom. This is a great use of wasted space. How many of us have those entry closets stuffed full of coats no one wears and out of season shoes?

country mudroom


Jen at ‘I Heart Organizing‘ brings us another closet mudroom makeover! This post is full of tips on how to design and create a space like this that works for you.




Hillary from ‘Friendly Home‘ created this DIY entry bench idea from an old, repurposed door. I’m a big fan of using old doors, they offer such a large surface to create with. And the character? You don’t get that from a hollow core door from Home Depot!




Lastly, get free plans for this fancy hall tree from ‘Ana White‘, complete with step by step directions and supply list. You can also see photos of other DIY’ers finished versions of this DIY mud room project as well!


We hope you are planning your own DIY mud room to keep your home more organized! We think you will also love our posts on DIY Entryway Benches and Organization All Around the House!

Image Credits: Scattershot, Finding Home, Home Depot, East Coast Creative, Honeybear Lane, Julie Blanner, I Heart Organizing, Friendly Home, Ana White


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