Small Room Decorating Tricks

Decorating a small room can be frustrating, but there are a few tricks professional decorators use to make the job a little easier, without hiring a contractor!

Use Mirrors, but…

This is no big secret; most people who have tried to decorate a small space have tried this trick. However, nobody has probably ever told you this one small secret…hang your mirrors slightly higher than eye level. That way, anything in the room the eye might see as clutter will not be reflected in the mirror, resulting in a room that appears larger than it is. Tip number two? Clean your mirrors, windows and reflective surfaces regularly. A shiny surface not only reflects more light, but also allows the eye to slide over it more easily, resulting in larger and brighter feel for the small room.

small room decorating



Small Changes for Window Treatments

Windows take up a lot of wall space, and therefore should be given some thought when decorating a small room. When you choose your curtains and blinds, try to choose a color that approximates the color of the walls. The windows will blend with the walls, causing the whole space to seem larger.

Hang your window treatments so that when they are open, they almost clear the window in both height and width. This allows the most possible light to enter the room, and makes the window itself seem larger.

small room decorating


Tweak that Furniture

Nothing makes a room feel closed in faster then the wrong furniture in the wrong space, arranged in the wrong way. Use the least amount of furniture possible in a small room. Make sure the pieces don’t block the view into the room; use low backed pieces near the entry areas. Lastly, turn a piece or two (or the whole room!) on the diagonal. Diagonal views fool the eye into believing the space just keeps going!

small room decorating


Use Color to Shape a Room

Small rooms tend to be boxy and odd shaped. This can easily be corrected with color! Whatever color scheme you choose for your room, use a slightly darker shade on one of the longer walls. Darker shades appear to advance toward the eye, and will help balance out those walls visually, drawing the eye along the longer wall adding visual length to the room.

small room decorating tricks


Paint Your Room Large

Most of us have heard the tips on painting a small space with white or light colors. But seldom do you hear one small tip that can make all the difference. In a small space, make sure you paint the walls, ceiling, and wood molding all the way down to the floor the same color. Having the same color through the entire space keeps the eye moving instead of breaking up the space with different colors. (See main top photo) If color is your thing, and you can’t stand the thought of white walls, use cool colors in your room scheme. Cool colors, such as greens, blues, and purples tend to recede from the eye, giving the look of a larger space. If you prefer a warmer palette, try a sunny light yellow. It’s hard to imagine a room closed in by sunshine!

Decorating a small space can be a snap for any home decorator, with a few secrets from the pros!

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  1. Debbie Pendray
    January 14, 2016 / 12:26 pm

    I have anaverage size bedroom with everything but a bed. We live up North so it’s filled with plants (south facing ) room with black metal shelves in front of one window. A large armoire w/doors permanently mounted to the sides so they can’t be opened or closed. It’s a desk,shelving,printer,storage and room for my prize baskets on top, but very large. All my woodwork is dark brown and the sliding closet doors which take up a whole wall with the door. I have an antique porcelain top work table. The room is aqua with teal accents. I would consider it very Bohemian in style. Too crowded with mix matched chairs also . A small chest w/apothecary chest on top done with vintage maps. Should I paint the wood work and closet doors white? I’m seriously considering putting up shelving in one corner with the metal strips, perhaps in black and white washing the boards. I’m afraid the woods will clash, but the small cabinet and table legs or dark brown also. I love to decorate but I’very looked at this room for so long I’m ready to lose my mind, please advise if you can understand this description. I also love mid century style, if you have any other suggestions. Thanks for your help!

  2. arushi ahuja
    May 13, 2015 / 7:54 pm

    Ihave a question… When you say paint one wall a darker shade can that shade be a cool color like the greens and blues you suggested later along with off white walls in the rest of the room?

    • Kathy Woodard
      May 21, 2015 / 8:16 pm

      Absolutely! A warm white can be used with cooler colors…

  3. Patricia Lucas
    April 21, 2014 / 10:01 pm

    So glad I discovered your site. I am looking for ideas for decorating for a small space, only about 544 sq.ft., and Budget Decorating for a small.

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