Small Room Makeover: Pops of Color!

When decorating a small room, most of us tend to stay with neutrals and light colors to expand the space visually. It’s a good concept, and it works, except at times it can seem a little stagnant…and yes, I’m gonna say it… B O R I N G. Adding pops of color to your home decorating can add updated style and wow to any room, without closing it in. In fact, if you aren’t adding either color or texture to an otherwise neutral room to spice it up, do yourself a favor. Take a photo of your room, print it out on regular printer paper, then use colored pencils to add some “pops”. Better? Then let’s go! Here are some great before and after makeovers giving us a lesson in adding pops of color to any room! (By the way, this works for any size room. Who doesn’t need more color?!)

Pops of Color



To illustrate our point, first we have a “before” living room. It’s nice, nothing wrong with it, neutral walls and nice furnishings… But keep reading for the after photos, showing the exact same living room done three different ways with pops of color. Notice how the different colors give each photo an entirely different feel, but all of them add style and flair. (Yes, flair.)

Before living room


The first “after”… using coral, there is energy and happiness in this room! Take note that these drapes need not be replaced…just have a band of fabric added to the edge- great budget update!

After living room 1


The second “after”. This room has a totally different feel. It’s calm and relaxing with a more romantic feel. Throw pillows play a big part in each of these makeovers. You could either purchase or sew your own. Notice using small scale prints all in the same color family does not close in the room. Also love the blue glass as a color pop!

After living room 2


The last “after” has a more contemporary feel perfect to make the men in the family happy, but still calming with a happy punch of yellow. Note that you could leave out the patterned rugs in each makeover and still have the same effect. Don’t forget the artwork on the walls, one of the fastest ways to add color to any room.

After living room 3


Here’s another before and after for you!

Before bedroom


And “after”! Beautiful example of how one bold pop of color can transform a room. It would have still worked if they had left the original headboard and simply recovered it as well.

After bedroom

Small room makeovers with nothing more than pops of color added to catch (and keep) one’s attention. Turn your boring small room into something colorful!

Image Credits: HGTV, HGTV, BHG



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