Small Space Storage on a Budget: Collections

One of the biggest problems for people when “small space decorating” is storage. Even for collectors it can easily become a problem, no matter what size space they are working with. I try to do two things with collections:

1. Use them in “new” ways to create storage

2. Store them in new ways to be able to use them as decorative accents AND for their original use.

small space storage on a budget - collections




Here are some things I have done to maximize storage in my spaces, and still be able to keep my collections.

  • I use clothes as decorative accents – hats as lampshades, scarves as pillow covers.  I can still wear this stuff, but it takes up no room in closets or dressers.
  • Stacked books have become the legs to small tables, or the small table itself.

small space storage on a budget


collection storage on a budget

  • Wall space has been used to hang a collection of mailboxes that was then used for storage.
  • Hang platters and plates on the wall instead of artwork. These are hung using ribbon cradles so they can be removed and used, then rehung. I also have a set of measuring cups hanging off cup hooks on the wall with a frame around them. They look like art but are easy to use when needed.
  • I do a lot of both re-purposing of furniture AND using items to make “storage furniture”. Dresser drawers were put on wheels and stowed under the bed. A bookshelf became a lighted plant stand, a suitcase became a footstool with storage.

storage on a budget


small space storage ideas

  • I am working on a kitchen island right now made from two bar stools with backs. I will lay boards across the leg slats on both set of rungs and make small shelves there for storage.
  • Clear or white glassware is my best friend. I use my cups, bowls, plates, jars etc. as the centerpiece for my table. I alternate the design about monthly, still having use of my stuff when wanted but not really “storing” it anywhere.
  • I am using a blanket chest as a coffee table and have filled the inside with all my gift wrapping supplies, so it doubles as my gift wrapping station.

Hopefully this will stir some creative small-space storage ideas beyond baskets and crates, although I really like THEM for storage as well. Have I shown you how I store my cookbooks?

Article by Nancy, the Frugal Decorating Diva. Nancy substitutes creativity for money – and comes up with a better result. Read more about how to do that at or email Nancy at

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