The Two Methods for Small Space Decorating

There are two ways to handle the difficulties related to decorating a small space. Neither is right or wrong, it’s simply based on choice and personality.  If you aren’t sure which is for you, look at the photos following each method. Whichever one you most gravitate towards is probably what will make you happy in the long run. Go with your gut! Remember too, there are different levels of each method, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

methods for small space decorating



Method 1

This method of decorating small spaces involves making every surface appear as large and spacious as possible using a variety of techniques. White and light colors, mirrors, uncluttered rooms and small scale furniture are common ways to achieve this look.

methods for small space decorating

Method 2

Just because society says you’re supposed to have a huge home, doesn’t mean its true! Why not work WITH your small spaces and create cozy, warm, and personal spaces that wrap you in comfort?

methods for small space decorating

That’s it! You like it warm and cozy, or airy and bright. Keep in mind you don’t have to treat your whole home as per just one method. Although it’s best to keep living areas open to each other in the same “feel”, there is no reason you can’t have light and bright in the main part of the house, and cozy and comfy in the bedroom or bath. Rules are for chickens… be brave and make your small home what YOU want it to be.

Image Credits: housefashions, houzz


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