Using Slipcovers To Decorate Your Small Space

Covering your furniture with slipcovers is a great idea for transforming the look and feel of a small room. Ready made slipcovers are relatively inexpensive to buy, and are perfect for disguising that outdated 1970s couch or for hiding those stains or tears on your favorite arm chair. They come in all kinds of colors, patterns and fabrics, so you can really let your creative side take over and add your own personal touch to your décor. A real bonus of furniture covers is that they are usually fully machine-washable, so it’s easy to keep them clean and looking their best – and there’s no need to worry about them getting dirty.

decorating with slipcovers



Color is key, especially when decorating a small space, as your color scheme will influence the mood and appearance of the room. Decide on a main color scheme for your large surfaces, such as your walls and floor but also those larger items of furniture such as sofas and chairs that take up a significant amount of space in a small room. These large surfaces will catch the eye and impact on how your room is perceived. The wrong choice of color can give a bad impression, and make a small room appear uninviting or cramped.

If you’ve got a sofa or chair pushed back against a wall, covering it in a slipcover that’s a similar color as the wall can create a nice flowing look. Think about the atmosphere you want to emulate in your room. In general, using slipcovers in light, pale or neutral shades can help suggest a sense of space and really open up a small room. However, going overboard with white tones can give a room a stark, cold and clinical look, so it’s important to get the balance right. An alternative approach to trying to create an illusion of space, is to play up the charms of your small room by aiming for a cozy, homely look. Using rich, deep colors, such as burgundy or forest green, can work in your favor in creating a welcoming, warm atmosphere.

Using slipcovers is a simple but effective way to get random pieces of furniture to match. So, if you’ve got a mishmash of seats that you’ve acquired secondhand, and you want to smarten up your home without spending a fortune on a brand new suite, covering them with matching slipcovers is an affordable solution. By harmonizing the look of your furniture you can instantly make your room seem less cluttered and more spacious. Slipcovers can also be used to lighten up and soften the appearance of dark, imposing pieces of furniture that appear too big for the room. Incidentally, if you decide to go for a patterned slipcover rather than a solid color, it’s best to avoid big prints and instead go for a smaller pattern that will be more in proportion to the scale of the room.

Slipcovers are not just for sofas and arm chairs. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including for recliners and ottomans. Slipcovers can also be used to great effect in your dining room, to change the style and appearance of your dining chairs according to the occasion. An advantage of decorating with slipcovers is that you’re able to totally alter the style of your furniture. For instance, by fitting a slipcover with a straight skirt over a sofa with wooden legs, you can give it a contemporary new look, or you could use a pleated skirt for a more traditional image. Slipcovers with skirts also have the benefit of hiding the space beneath your seats, which means you could even use that space for storing things.

decorating with slipcovers


As you can see, there are several good reasons to use slipcovers to decorate your small space. Slipcovering your furniture is a versatile option that gives you the freedom to give your home the look you want, and change it according to the season or the occasion.

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