Wonderful Wardrobe & Clothing Rack DIY Projects

When you live in a small home, closet space can not only be limited, sometimes it’s simply non existent! And depending on where you live in the world, that actually may be the norm. (We’re a little spoiled for space here in the U.S. folks…) So if you are looking for space to hang those dresses, skirts, blouses and suits… without cramming them into the “permanent wrinkle” zone, then give these wardrobe and clothing rack DIY projects a try to stretch that space!




Our first project below, is from ‘Ana White‘. Learn how to build a clothes rack/ industrial style closet system! This project is a one day deal folks, an inexpensive and easy build for all you “gotta have it now” DIY’ers. (Yes, my hand is up!) Ana has the free plans for you as well!

DIY wardrobes-1

DIY wardrobes-2


Beckham and Belle‘ show you how to make these DIY wardrobe racks from pine boards, PVC pipe and simple flanges… all stuff you can get at the home improvement store. Really affordable clothing rack DIY project! We also love that the casters make it portable.

DIY wardrobes-3


Another portable clothes rack of the same type from ‘PLHNK‘. This tutorial is entirely in photos, but follows the same idea as the previous project.

DIY wardrobes-7


Lovin’ this French country wardrobe rack from ‘Ana White’s’ reader posts. We are thinking this is adapted from her plans for her armoire. Unfortunately, the reader who submitted it didn’t clue us in on which of her plans they used! This is a nice way to keep the wardrobe clean looking with the closing door.

DIY wardrobes-4


So this DIY ladder wardrobe rack by ‘A Pair and a Spare‘ is amazing for three reasons… It’s cute, it’s easy… and it cost $9 to make! Lot’s of photos make this clothing rack tutorial a breeze!

DIY wardrobes-5


‘Emily Henderson’ did this same ladder clothing rack DIY idea for ‘Redbook Magazine‘. These are like decor that hold your clothes! How great is this???

DIY wardrobes-6


This modern wooden wardrobe rack DIY is a project that mimics something you would see in the West Elm catalog. Thank ‘A Beautiful Mess‘ for this step by step tutorial of this chic piece.

DIY wardrobe-7


From ‘Ehow‘, this loft style DIY industrial portable clothes rack is another easy build using plumbing pipe, a wood panel and some caster wheels.

DIY wardrobes-8


This DIY clothing rack (she calls it her planter closet…see the planter built in to the top?) by ‘Katleen Roggeman’ from Germany is a great example of how a utilitarian thing like a closet can be cool. This ended up in a German DIY magazine… great design!

DIY wardrobes-9


These last two tutorials will need a little help from Google Translate… From ‘VTWonen‘, this clothing rack DIY is simply dowels and pipe fittings!

DIY wardrobes-10


Last, we have this DIY hanging clothes rack from ‘ADC Inspirations‘. Great for that tiny sliver of space!

DIY wardrobes-11

Ok, so now your small home is more organized with these Wardrobe & Clothing Rack DIY Projects! We think you will also want to visit our posts on Closet Organizing Ideas & Projects and Tiny Bathroom Makeovers!

Image Credits: Beckham and Belle, PLHNK, Ana White, A Pair and a Spare, Emily Henderson, A Beautiful Mess, Ehow, Katleen Roggeman, VTWonen, ADC Inspirations


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